Sunday, August 31, 2014

Brennan Manning and Bill Hybels inspire hope, bring clarity with new Bible Plans

This month's recommended Plans feature hope, wisdom, and God's love, for you and your whole family.
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Find the fuel you need in God's Word.

Bible Plans are a great way you can connect with God's Word every day. But don't take our word for it. Try one of this month's recommended plans and find out for yourself!


Select Plans Designed for Youth, Kids, and Family

Looking for a plan to inspire your teen with Godly wisdom? Trying to teach your younger kids how they can put their faith in action? Or maybe as a parent you're looking for these things for yourself! Each of these Bible Plans were developed specifically to help youth, kids, and family engage with the Scriptures:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

See What Happens When You Add Friends to Your Bible Experience

Use Bible App 5 tools to quickly, easily engage in Scripture with Friends.
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The Bible + Friendships = Amazing!

Ever since Bible App 5 launched, the YouVersion community has been sharing how much you enjoy interacting with friends right inside the app. Bible App 5 helps you engage with God's Word more than ever before—through your relationships.

Invite Contacts

The latest Bible App update on Android and iOS lets you add friends straight from your device. Just tap "Friends" from the main menu, then [Find Friends]. The Bible App automatically suggests friends who already have YouVersion accounts. You can also tap "Contacts" to invite anyone in your contact list to download the Bible App.

Closer to God & Each Other

From all across the YouVersion community, stories are pouring in: people telling us how much they love and appreciate Bible App 5. But they're not talking about icons or menus or features. No, what they're excited about is what's happening in their relationships—with God and with each other.

"This is the first time we're reading the Bible together, so it's bringing us closer, helping me to understand my husband better... helping make our marriage stronger."

"My husband and I have more accountability to be in the word on a daily basis. We use the Bible app to encourage one another and to grow together in our marriage in new ways. It's hard to argue with someone or put them down when you know that they know what you have been reading in the Bible and have you are being challenged."

"My unborn daughter was recently diagnosed with Spina-Bifida. We've been through a lot...Between the concern for our daughter, the constant moving around from house to house and hospital to hospital, and the financial strain, the Bible has been essential to our sanity. I have been sharing notes and highlights with my wife through this app...that has helped us stay together in our spiritual journey through these difficult times."

Pro Tips

Here are three quick, easy ways the Bible App can help you connect with the Bible:

  • Subscribe to Verse of the Day. Let the Bible App bring God's Word to you every day. Just specify what time, which Bible version you prefer, and whether you'd prefer a push notification or email.
  • Comment on Bookmarks and Highlights. Add your thoughts, questions, and discoveries to your own Bookmarks and Highlights, as well as to your Friends' posts.
  • See Related Moments. Tap a verse to jump quickly to your previous Bookmarks, Highlights, Notes—and even other people's Public Notes for that passage.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Spanish Version of the Bible App for Kids is Here!

Help spread the word: La Biblia App para Niños—the Spanish version of
the Bible App for Kids—is available now.
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La Biblia App para Niños is here!

Now Spanish-speaking children can engage with the same fun animations, brilliant colors, and interactive Bible stories that have already made the English version of the Bible App for Kids™ so popular. If you know anyone who speaks Spanish—or even someone just learning to speak Spanish—will you help us tell them about La Biblia App para Niños?

We want to make the Bible App for Kids available to as many children as possible in their heart language. La Biblia App para Niños is just the first of many new language versions we'll be offering, and we're thrilled about the potential it has to help children around the world fall in love with God's Word.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Streams in the Desert, Max Lucado, and more: New Bible Plans Refresh, Challenge, and Inspire You

Discover inspirational Plans for change, instructive Plans on prayer,
and tools to help you daily engage with the Bible.
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Let God's Word refresh, challenge, and inspire you!

Whether you're starting a new season of life, heading back to school, or just seeking some fresh perspective, this month's Featured Plans can help you make the Bible a daily habit:


Perspectives on Prayer

Through prayer, we enjoy the privilege of conversation with the Creator of the universe. The Bible goes further than defining prayer—it gives us words we can use as we seek God's presence in our lives:

Tip: Subscribe to Verse of the Day

The Bible App can send you the Verse of the Day, every day, so you'll never miss one! Available for the Bible App for iOS and coming soon to Android and, simply tap the gear icon on any Verse of the Day, then Subscribe. Choose the time you want it sent, whether you want email or push notification, and the Bible version you prefer. Of course you'll want to read more than just the Verse of the Day, but subscribing helps remind you what's important.