Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Were you a 21-Day Challenge winner?

How to keep your Bible habit going: Find your next Plan now.
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God's Word in you.
You in God's Word.

This year's 21-Day Challenge
was your best ever!

To everyone who joined us for 21-Day Challenge 2016: Thank you! Your commitment to spend time in God's Word during these last three weeks has been inspiring:

During this year's challenge,
the worldwide YouVersion community
completed over 10 million days of Plans!

Several years ago, we started the 21-Day Challenge to help people get into the rhythm of spending daily time in the Bible. We're convinced that connecting with God through His Word has the power to change lives. We sincerely hope your 21-Day Challenge experience drew you closer to Him.

And although this year's Challenge is over now, our statistics from previous years are clear: once you establish a daily habit over several weeks, that momentum can carry you forward on a streak of consistent time in the Bible. Whether you mastered (or missed) the 21-Day Challenge, there's no better time to choose your next Plan than right now:

Find Your Next Plan

If your special 21-Day Challenge 2016 badge hasn't already appeared on your YouVersion profile, you should see it sometime within the next week. Also, we've just posted a complete list of this year's Challenge winners on our blog.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fun new visual way to understand the first 5 books of the Bible

Watch animated "The Torah Series" inside the Bible App.
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God's Word in you.
You in God's Word.

Now Playing in the Bible App:
The Torah Series

As you read (or listen to) certain books in the Old Testament, do you ever wonder, "Why is this in the Bible? What's the story behind this story?" Today we're excited to announce The Torah Series, an all-new collection of animated short films from the Bible Project that answers questions just like these.

In Jewish tradition, the first five books of the Old Testament are called "the Torah." In this series of short films, Bible scholars walk you step-by-step through the Torah's themes and literary structure, as vivid animations help you see the connections between its stories. We think you'll want to watch The Torah Series again and again — and share its clips with your friends.


Presented by YouVersion in partnership with The Bible Project — now, for the first time ever, you can watch The Torah Series in any of these places:

Apple TV

The Bible App for Apple TV

(Read more on our blog.)


Videos section of the Bible App on
your mobile device or at Bible.com

Watch Now

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The best way we know to prepare for Easter…

Refresh your faith during Lent with a YouVersion Bible Plan.
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God's Word in you.
You in God's Word.

The best way we know to
prepare for Easter…

As that New Year's excitement begins to fade, are you losing traction on some of the healthy habits you started this year? Thankfully Easter is on the way, bringing with it another chance for renewal. Christians all over the world observe the 40 days leading up to our remembrance of Jesus' resurrection as a time to reflect, repent, and prepare our hearts to celebrate new life. Consider making the Bible an intentional part of your day, every day, between now and Easter Sunday.

Bible Plans.

When you subscribe to a Bible Plan, the Bible App gives you a brief passage to read (or listen to) each day. Plans draw you into the Bible every day, helping you meditate on what God's Word means in your life. We've selected these seven Plans to help you connect during Lent:

Lent for Everyone
from N.T. Wright, 53 days
40 Days of Lent
from Journey Church, 47 days
ReThink Life​
from ReThink, 40 days
40 Days of Revival
from Hillsong, 40 days
Preparing Our Hearts for Easter:
A Lenten Devotional

from Redeemer Presbyterian Church, 40 days
In Our Place: Lenten Devotions from Time of Grace
from Time of Grace, 14 days
Awed by Christ's Resurrection:
6 Days of Decrease

from Alicia Britt Chole, 6 days

Don't see what you're looking for here?
We have many more Plans to choose from:

Find Your Next Plan

The Bible is better with Friends.

The most important things in our lives are best when we're sharing them with others. Ask a family member or a friend — or several — to join you in a Bible Plan during Lent. Then each day, discuss what you're discovering. Share your questions with each other, and encourage one another as you pursue greater devotion to Christ. Adding Friends in the Bible App is easy!

Find Your Friends Now