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Everyone needs a Bible. You can help.

Find a Bible society you can pray for, serve as a volunteer, and support.
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I know that people all over the world are hurting. But what can I do about it?

More than you think.

And the gospel must first be preached to all nations.…
Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

Mark 13:10, 31 NV

At YouVersion, we believe that when people have the opportunity to read or listen to the Bible, and then to meditate on what its words mean to them, it can transform their lives. That's why we do what we do. But for those of us who already have a Bible in our language—and perhaps especially for those of us who have more than one version—sometimes we forget how fortunate we are.

More than a billion people don't yet have the Bible in their language.

Even for those who do have a Bible translation in their language, what if they can't read it… because they can't see? Or because of illiteracy? The good news is that visionary Bible societies are already working to get God's Word to as many people as possible, no matter what challenges they face.

In fact, during just the last three months, our generous Bible society partners have introduced 25 new audio versions into the Bible App, each in a different language. In that same time, they've also introduced 23 new Bible texts, in 13 new languages. And here's more good news: You can join them in the world-changing work that they're doing.

Here's what you can do:

Tap the links below to see what Bible translators are doing, and how you can help. Connect with their stories, and then get involved: pray, volunteer, and support the ministries that you feel passionate about. (To learn more about why Bible translation is so important, tap the button at the end of this list.)

Wycliffe Wycliffe
Global Bible Initiative Global Bible Initiative
Biblica Biblica
Viorel Silion Viorel Silion
Bulgarian Bible Society  (BBS at Bulgarian Bible Society
(BBS at
  Bible Society in Guinea-Conakry Bible Society in Guinea-Conakry
  The Bible Society of Ghana  (BSG at The Bible Society of Ghana (BSG at
  Messianic Jewish Publishers and Resources Messianic Jewish Publishers and Resources
  Messianic Jewish Publishers and Resources United Bible Societies

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The New Bibles

Newest Versions and Languages






Pennsylvania German

Keley-i Kallahan




Guinea Kpelle

Guinea Kpelle



Myanmar (Burmese)

Myanmar (Burmese)



Koyraboro Senni Songhai

Tagalog (Filipino)

English (Islander Creole)

English (British)

Newest Audio Bibles

Akoose: Melɛ̌ Mékɔ̄ɔ̄lē

Teso: Ebaibuli 1961

Awa-Cuaiquer: Masas Pit Jesucristowa

Awa: Manikáne O Ehwehne

Balinese: Today's Bali Bible

Bambam: Bambam Genesis and New Testament

Batak Karo: Today's Batak Karo Bible

Central Aymara: Biblia Aymara, Qullan Arunaca

Buamu: Dónbeenì Páaníi Fĩnle Vũahṹ

Galibi Carib: Asery Tamusi Karetary

Chipaya: Nuevo Testamento Chipaya

Chiquitano: Chiquitano New Testament

Denya: Ŋwɛ Menomenyɛɛ́ Mekɛ́

Ignaciano: New Testament

Ixil: Viakʼla Txumbʼal u Tioxh

Popti': Nuevo Testamento yin̈ Abxubal

Popti': Nuevo Testamento yin̈ Abxubal

Javanese (formal): Javanese Bible

Lango: Baibul 1979

Lango: Baibul 1979

Mopán Maya: Le'ec Ada' U T'an a Dios a Tumulbene

Nias: Nias Bible

S. Bolivian Quechua: Quechua Norte New Testament

Eastern Tamang: परमेश्वरला बचन छार कबुल

Tamasheq: New Testament

Teribe: Sbö Tjl̈õkwo

Tol: Dios Tjevele Jupj 'Üsüs La Qjuisiji Jesucristo Mpes

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