Monday, October 6, 2014

How Many Languages Does the Bible App Speak?

The Bible App now offers 1,000 versions in more than 700 languages.
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Bible App Now Offers

The YouVersion community just reached a truly global milestone: The Bible App now offers more than 1,000 Bible versions, in more than 700 languages. The 1,000th version is Deftera Lfida Dzratawi (XEDNT), the first digital translation of the New Testament into Hdi (pronounced huh-DEE). Decades in the making, XEDNT was developed in collaboration with the people of a small village in the West African nation of Cameroon. Read on our blog about how its translators discovered a lost Hdi word that perfectly describes God's love!

Thank You!

We're thankful to be part of this with you, and we want to celebrate all God has done to make it possible:

  • 150 Bible societies, publishers, and organizations generously partner with YouVersion to get the Bible to as many people as possible.

  • Dedicated translators have devoted much of their lives to making these words come alive in different languages.

  • Every day, people like you volunteer their time and talents to translate the Bible App's buttons, menus, notifications, and even Plans so others can enjoy it.

Did you know...

  • If you stacked 1,000 Bibles on top of each other, they'd be as tall as Brazil's Christ the Redeemer statue?

  • 87% of Christians with Internet access can read or listen to the Bible in their own language on the Bible App?

  • The Bible App offers text in more languages than any other app?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Bible Plans from John MacArthur, Sarah Young, Rick Warren, & More

Let these Plans enrich your October with practical wisdom, hope, and freedom direct from God's Word.
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Pursue wisdom and inspiration from the Bible.

When you sign up for a Bible Plan, the Bible App gives you just a little to read each day, helping you build or keep up a daily habit of spending time with God in His Word. See what He reveals to you through these featured Bible Plans this October:


Plans for the Real Things Happening in Our Lives

We hand-picked this month's list of Bible Plans to help you connect with Godly wisdom as you navigate life's challenges. Each Plan is short (the longest ones are just 7 days) so you can use them in combination with each other or with your current Plan:

God's Peace
Focus On The Family, 4 Days
Memlok, 3 Days
Worry, 7 Days
Glo Bible, 5 Days
American Bible Society, 7 Days
Grief Bites: Doubt Revealed
Grief Bites, 7 Days