Thursday, April 30, 2015

Featured Plans: Great Parents, Great Kids, Stronger Families and Stepfamilies, & More

Bible Plans help you devote yourself daily to seeking God in His Word.

Rediscover Scripture.
Every day.

Featured Plans

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Your Favorite Bible App Features: Now on Apple Watch

The Bible App is now available on the Apple Watch.
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You in God's Word.
God's Word in You.

The power of God's Word,
close at hand.

Every minute of every day, all over the world, people just like you are connecting with each other through the global YouVersion community, sharing encouragement, inspiration, and insight. And if you saw our recent announcement, you already know that the latest update to the Bible App for iOS* brings the power of those relationships…right to your fingertips, on Apple Watch. Most importantly:

When Apple Watch arrives, the Bible App will be there.

That means that when the millions of people who have already bought Apple Watches start looking for apps to try out, they'll find the Bible App.

Use the Bible App to help you remind yourself of what matters most to you with just a glance:

■ Read the Verse of the Day just by looking at your wrist.
■ Know that someone is thinking about you each time you feel that little vibration telling you one of your Friends Liked or Commented on your Bible activity.
■ Any time you think of it, glance to see which verses are trending.
■ Easily jump to your own Verse Images, Bookmarks, and Highlights.

Get It Now

*We recognize that Apple Watch may not be immediately available in all countries and for all users. With the exception of trending Bible verses, you can find these same Bible App features on your iPhone or iPad. But there is only one version of the Bible App for iOS, no matter which Apple device you use. Apple Watch makes your Bible App experience more pleasant by making popular features even easier to get to.

Friday, April 17, 2015

New for Verse Image: Use your own photos!

Now use your own photos for Verse Images, with more features coming soon.

God's living Word.
Inspiration for living.

Verse Images

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Personalize Your Inspiration:

Choose from your own photos.

Hopefully you've already been enjoying using Verse Images in the Bible App, turning Bible verses into inspirational art that you can share with your community of friends. Today we're pleased to announce that with our newest release, now you can select your own photos as backgrounds for your Verse Images!

  1. On the Choose Images screen, tap the gray image icon in the first square.

  2. Follow the prompts to the photos you already have on your device and select the one you want.

  3. Adjust and crop your image before you add your verse.

Coming Soon

Verse Image is still a brand new feature, so we have more enhancements coming for it soon. For example, on both iOS and Android, soon you'll be able to blur the background and fine-tune the text spacing in your Verse Images.

But the only thing you need to start creating Verse Images with your own backgrounds today is the latest update of the Bible App*.

Learn More

*Before you can use Verse Images, make sure you have the most current version of the Bible App installed. Some older versions of Android and iOS may not be supported.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

One of the best ways to connect with the Bible

Find more Bible insight by bringing your Friends along on the journey.
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Better Together

Enjoy the Bible App with Friends

What's one of the best ways to weave the Bible into the fabric of your everyday life? Explore and discuss what God's Word is saying to you with a trusted community of close friends. The Bible App makes it easy! Just minutes from now, you could be enjoying meaningful, Bible-centered conversations with your favorite people.

Find Your Friends

Why would I want to
friend someone?

How do I decide who to include? And what if I change my mind later? If someone asks to be Friends with me in the Bible App — but I don't want to — what should I do? You can find answers to all these questions and more in a post on our blog, "Top 5 Questions About Bible App Friends."

Learn More About Friends