Saturday, January 31, 2015

Featured Plans: 5 Love Languages, Margaret Feinberg, Francis Chan, Gary Thomas, Matt Chandler, & More

February's Plans feature biblical foundations for marriage,
meeting the Gospel Christ, and devotionals for Lent.

Rediscover Scripture.
Every day.
Featured Plans
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You’ve read the Bible, but have you heard it? The Message & more, available now

With audio Bibles like The Message from NavPress & Oasis Audio,
the Bible App can read to you.
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Let the Bible App
read to you.

Just imagine listening to God's Word while you exercise, while you get ready for work, during your commute — or whenever you want.* It's easy! Inside the Bible App:

  • When reading the Bible, tap the version abbreviation at the top of the app.
  • Select any version with a speaker icon next to it.
  • Tap the Play button.

Start Listening Now

Now listen to The Message!

The Message was written to recapture the conversational style of the original documents that made up what we call the New Testament, translating God's Word into our everyday language. The Message's smooth, casual flow helps you engage easily with the Bible, so you can better understand its stories and ideas. And now for the first time ever, YouVersion partners NavPress and Oasis Audio are generously making the audio version of The Message available to the worldwide YouVersion community!

*Audio Bibles are best experienced over Wi-Fi. If you don't have Wi-Fi available when you listen, be aware of your device plan's data limits and restrictions.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

You won’t believe what the worldwide YouVersion community just accomplished

More and more people are exploring God's story and discovering their place in it every day.
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This Just Happened:

More and more people are exploring God's story and discovering their place in it every day — to the tune of more than 4 million new Plan subscriptions during the last month alone. That's a 68% increase over the same period last year! And the YouVersion community is finishing Plans in record numbers. During that same month, readers completed more than 1.3 million Plans. That's the most Plans ever completed in a single month — a 69% increase over last year!

What are Bible Plans?

When you subscribe to a Bible Plan, the Bible App gives you a brief passage to read (or listen to) each day. Plans draw you into the Bible every day, helping you meditate on what God's Word means in your life. And here are just a few examples of the 133 Plans we've added in just the last three months:

How to Get Through What You're Going Through
Rick Warren, 5 days
He Walks Among Us: Devotions
Rich and ReneeƩ Stearns, 7 days
Experiencing God's Best
R.C. Sproul, 10 days
Discover God's Dream for You
Jennie Allen, 14 days

Don't miss out.

Clearly, something big is happening. If you're ready for a new Plan or you've never tried one before, why not take that first, simple step right now:

Find a Plan

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Challenge accepted! Your 21 record-breaking days

If you keep your Bible reading going now, you're more likely to come back every day in 2015.
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This year's 21-Day New Year Challenge was the best ever

To everyone who joined us for 21-Day New Year Challenge 2015: Thank you. Your commitment to spend time in God's Word over these last three weeks has been extraordinary.

During this year's challenge, the worldwide YouVersion community completed 19 million days of Plans!

We hope this year's Challenge helped you get your daily Bible habit going for 2015. But even more important, we hope your time in God's Word drew you closer to Him.

Even though this year's Challenge is over, our statistics from previous years are clear: once you establish a daily habit for several weeks, that momentum can carry you forward on a streak of consistent time in the Bible. So whether you mastered or missed the 21-Day Challenge, there's no better time to choose your next Plan than right now:

Find a Plan

If your special 21-Day New Year Challenge badge hasn't already appeared on your YouVersion profile, you should see it sometime within the next week. And we've just posted a complete list of this year's Challenge winners on our blog.