Tuesday, January 31, 2012

21-Day Challenge, 40 Million Installs, Offline Downloads, and Kindle Fire!

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On the Right Track

Many of us in the YouVersion community are experiencing the same thing right now: We started the year with goals and resolutions, but life is getting busy and it's difficult to follow through on our good intentions. The Bible App's Reading Plans already help us stay on track, but we decided to help out with a little extra incentive…

The 21-Day Challenge

Beginning February 1, if you keep at least one Reading Plan up to date for 21 days in a row, you'll receive a special "21-Day Challenge" badge on your YouVersion profile. Oh, and one more thing: We'll also enter you in a drawing to win one of several prizes (like a Kindle Fire or an iPad). If you started a Reading Plan in January, that's great! You're eligible to win too—keep going! But if you've been putting it off, the 21-Day Challenge offers just one more reason to start. You don't need to do anything to enter. Just make sure your free YouVersion profile is up to date, and finish each day's selection in your Reading Plan every day for 21 days. You can do it! We'll have more details on our blog this week. Be sure to tell your friends!

40 Million Installs and Growing

In November 2011, one in every 17 iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, and Android devices had installed the Bible App. We asked you to share the Bible App with the 16 out of 17 smart phone owners who hadn't: The Other 16. Since then—in less than two months—more than 5 million people installed the Bible App, bringing the total to more than 40 million installs! We shared some of your Other 16 stories on our blog, but we'd still love to keep hearing them on Facebook and Twitter!

Featured Reading Plan: 60 To Start

Didn't start a Reading Plan in January? No worries. You can begin one anytime. Consider 60 To Start, designed specifically to help you start (or restart) your relationship with Jesus. Each day, you'll experience Jesus through the Gospels, learn how His followers lived out His message in New Testament passages, and speak to Him through prayer. Not only can 60 To Start help you easily complete the 21-Day Challenge, if you start now, it can even help you prepare your heart—just in time for Easter week. Generously provided by Trinity New Life Church. 60 days

Did You Know?

Most mobile users occasionally can't connect to a service provider or to the Internet—on the subway, on an airplane, or even just outside of coverage. But the Bible App offers several Bible versions you can download directly to your mobile device—for free—generously provided by their publishers. It's easy, and it takes just minutes. Once you've downloaded a version, you can read it anytime, anyplace, even when you can't connect. To learn how, visit YouVersion's support site, select your language and platform, and look under "Other Features" for "How do I download a version?"

TIP: When you're viewing available versions on your device, select "Refresh" to ensure the list you're seeing is the most current.

In Your Own Words

  • "My family sees me use the Bible App every day. Our family of five has three phones that all have the Bible App. As a mom, I love that my kids have the Bible with them wherever they go!"
    —Ellyn O.
  • "It has been a fun transition to go from feeling awkward pulling out my iPhone in church or Bible study to realizing that a lot of people around me are now doing the same thing!"
    —Adam B.
  • "@YouVersion I probably have 100 apps, and this is the only 1 that daily makes a difference in my life. Thank you, you are genius :) God bless."

What's New?

YouVersion just released the Bible App on Amazon's Kindle Fire for the first time. Almost every day since its launch, the Bible App has been listed in the top 25 apps for Kindle Fire. If you have a Kindle Fire—or if you know someone who does—we'd love you to try it and help us spread the word. And if you don't have a Kindle Fire, you could in as little as 21 days—just stick to your Reading Plan for your chance to win!



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