Sunday, February 22, 2015

Because you’re friends.

Lead your friendships into the Bible App.
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You in God's Word.
God's Word in You.

Get into God's Word
with Friends.

In the New Testament, the people who believed in Jesus were good friends with each other. They studied the Scriptures together. They constantly discussed the things Jesus' disciples had taught them. They even shared copies of the disciples' letters so everyone could read them. They spent time together, shared meals, and prayed for one another. Why?

Because they were friends.

Who are those people in your life? Who do you hang out with? When you go out to eat, who goes with you? When you read a great book, hear some cool new song, or see a funny video online, who do you share it with? Why?

Because you're friends.

Those same people can be your Friends in the Bible App. God's Word is important to you. Your friends are important to you. And when you invite them to join you in the Bible App, you'll make your relationships even more meaningful as together you draw closer to God.

Invite Friends Now

Still have questions?

How do I decide which friends to invite? And what if I change my mind later? What will my Bible App Friends be able to see? Find answers to these questions (and more) in our blog post, "Top 5 Questions About Bible App Friends."


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