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We Just Added 102 New Bible Versions in 86 New Languages

Do you communicate in a different language with family and friends than you do at school, at work, or in your community? That language — the one you think in, dream in — that's your heart language. We hope you've already felt the joy and life-transforming power of experiencing God's Word in the language of your heart. But did you know…?

More than a billion people today
don't have that opportunity.

Together with our partners from several visionary Bible translators and providers, YouVersion is working to get the Bible to every person on Earth, no matter where they live or what language they prefer. And now, for the first time in the history of the world, together, we have the tools to see this dream become a reality…within this generation.

In the past six months alone, thanks to the hard work and generosity of our partners, we've been privileged to add 102 new Bible versions to the Bible App, in 86 new languages. (The full list is below.) With these latest additions, that means the Bible App now features 1,200 versions in 868 languages. For free. To anyone in the world who wants them.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Check the Bible App to see if your heart language is there yet. Then use it to engage with God's Word every day.

  2. Share the Bible App with your friends, including those whose first language is different from yours. Help them find any Bibles we offer in their heart language.

  3. Learn more about the world-changing work our Bible partners are doing, and commit to help, whether by praying, serving, or donating.

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Our newest languages / Bible versions:

Achuar-Shiwiar Achuar-Shiwiar Scripture
Agta, Dupaninan Dupaninan Agta New Testament 2001
Agta, Umiray Dumaget I bowon a pagpakikasungdu
Amharic Amharic Bible: New Amharic Standard Version
Amarasi The Word of God: New Testament with Genesis
Arabic, Tunisian Arabic Tunisian New Testament
Aruamu Aruamu New Testament
Asháninka, South Ucayali Asháninka South Ucayali Bible
Awara Awara Bible Portions
Ayta, Mag-antsi The Word of God: The New Testament in Ayta Mag-antsi
Bandial bqj The Bible in Bandial
Bimin Sunbim-Got em Kitakamin Weng
Burarra Our Father's Good Story: The New Way that Jesus Christ Brought to Us
Cishingini New Testament
Dhangu Wangurri Mark
Dutch BasicBijbel
Edolo Edolo Partial Bible
English International Children's Bible
English Metrical Psalms 1650
English (American) World Messianic Bible
English (British) World Messianic Bible British Edition
Epena Epena Scriptures
Farefare gur New Testament in Ninkare
Fulfulde, Central-Eastern Niger Fulfulde New Testament
Garrwa Garrwa Mini Bible
Gor Ta l❠Luw❠KunmindÄ kÄ SigÄ
Huarijiío The New Testament in Huarijío (Chihuahua and Sonora, Mexico)
Ibatan Chirin ni Apo Dyos (No bayo a tolag kan Genesis) (Naimbag a damag: Iti agdama a panawen)
Ifugao, Amganad Central (Amganad) Ifugao New Testament
Ifugao, Mayoyao I bowon a pagpakikasungdu
Ika Elu Ọhụn: Ẹkụkwọ-Nsọ (Azụụn Ọhụn rịn'a)
Ikwere Ikwere New Testament
Isnag Ya bíæbíæníçn ne Dios nga nesí_ríçt kiya baru wa tí_lag Genesis se Exodus
Ivatan No vayo a Testamento
Kalagan Kalagan New Testament
Kalinga, Limos Ugud apudyus = Ti baro tulag
Kalinga, Southern The Word of God
Kaluli Kaluli partial New Testament
Kankanaey I bowon a pagpakikasungdu
Kankanay (Northern) Word of God
Kapingamarangi Kapungamarangi New Testament
Kasem xsm New Testament in Kasem
Kire The New Testament in Kire
Kombio Kambio Wampukuamp Bible Portions
Kombio Kombio Portions
Kriol The Bible in the Kriol of Northern Australia
Kube The New Testament and Psalms in Kube (Papua New Guinea)
Kuman Kuman New Testament
Kutu The New Testament in Kutu
Lobala loq New Testament in Lobala
Macedonian Macedonian Standard Bible - Slavonic Order
Maithili jivən səndesh
Malay, Kupang God's Word
Mamanwa Ya mga panaba na Diyos
Manobo, Cotabato Kagi nemula (Word of God)
Manobo, Dibabawon Kasulatan to Diyus
Manobo, Ilianen Ke meupiya ne tudtul mekeatag ki Hisu Kristu
Manobo, Western Bukidnon Is begu he paagi: ang pulong sa Dios
Manx Manx Metrical Psalms 1768
Maung Maung Mark
Mayo The New Testament in Mayo (Sonora and Sinaloa, Mexico)
Mekeo Mauni Mamaga Iifaga
Mende The New Testament in Mende (Papua New Guinea)
Morokodo Morokodo
Muyuw The New Testament in Muyuw (Papua New Guinea)
Naasioi Kara Naroong-anta Nerakung Kongarana'
Ndamba The New Testament in Ndamba
Ngulu Nguu New Testament
Nsenga Nsenga New Testament
Nunggubuyu Wubuy Shorter Bible
Píçez Dyus Yuwe U_ësesa
Rawa Rawa New Testament
Sambal The Word of God: New Testament
Sambal, Botolan Hay halitíç nin Diyos hay kawkanta boy kawkahalita-an (The New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs)
Sango La Bible en Sango courant
Saposa U Vurungan Rof Foun Ten Gov Nane Jisas Krais
Sena The New Testament in Sena
Shan The Holy Bible in Shan Common Language
Sherpa कोन्छ्‌योककी सुङ
Sinaugoro Ginitago Variguna
Siroi Kuate Tuku Pasa
Subanen (Central) New Testament
Subanon (Western) Kitab Bogu Pasad taluʼ nog Mikpongon
Susu Susu Bible in Arabic Script
Tamajaq, Tawallammat Gospel of Jesus-Christ
Tausug The New Testament in Tausug
Tepo Krumen The New Testament in Kroumen Tepo
Toma God's Book in Toma
Tonga (Tonga Islands) Tongan Moulton Bible
Toussian, Southern wib New Testament in Toussian
Warlpiri Warlpiri New Testament
Wayampi New Testament in Wayampi
Welsh New Metrical Psalms 2008
Welsh Welsh Metrical Psalms 1621
Weri Ngönën Pepewer
Wik-Mungkan Wik-Mungkan New Testament
Wiru Weneya Totono Keraisu Yesunomo
Wuvulu-Aua The New Testament in Wuvalu-Aua (Papua New Guinea)
Yele The New Testament in Rossel (Yele) of Papua New Guinea
Zapotec, Yareni Yareni Zapotec New Testament
Zia Tuwa Yesu Kristora bowi iwaing
Zigula The New Testament in Zigua

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