Sunday, January 31, 2016

Add February Featured Plans to your 21-Day Challenge!

This Month: Plans on Relationship, Leadership, Courage, and Vision
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Featured Plans

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Save some Plans for your
21-Day Challenge.

Our annual 21-Day Challenge starts February 1. It's the perfect time to start a Featured Plan from above — or one of these relationship Plans we've selected for February! And remember: you don't have to start several all at once; if you see a Plan here that you think you'd like, just open it in the Bible App and tap "Save for Later."

Marriage is Hard
from Time of Grace, 4 days
The Dating Manifesto
from Lisa Anderson, 7 days
Dating & Relationships
from American Bible Society, 7 days
7 Secrets to an Awesome Marriage
from Kim Kimberling, 9 days
Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts
from Les and Leslie Parrott, 7 days
The Mingling of Souls - Matt Chandler on Intimacy
from Matt Chandler, 7 days
The Lies Couples Believe
from Chris Thurman, 7 days
Refresh Your Marriage in 31 Days
from Leo & Susanna Bigger, 31 days

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