Friday, January 8, 2016

Did you catch our 7 Tips in 7 Days? Here’s a quick recap...

Here's a recap of our 7 Tips in 7 Days blog series.
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God's Word in you.
You in God's Word.

Keep your momentum going!

We hope our 7 Tips in 7 Days blog series helped you get your daily Bible habit off to a good start for 2016. We also hope your time in God's Word during the last seven days has drawn you closer to Him. And now that you've started, don't stop! If you missed any days, here's a wrapup:

Start a Bible Plan
Enjoy a Bible Plan with Friends
Watch Bible Stories in Videos
Listen to the Bible with Audio
Create a Verse Image and Share
Highlight, Bookmark, and Create Notes
Subscribe to Verse of the Day
Bonus Tip:
Schedule "Hear from God"

If you want more details about any of our tips, you can read more on our blog:

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